The Clare Foundation’s Grant Helps Pioneering Research at the Epilepsy Society

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Genomics Research Programme

Mike Clare in the lab

Mike & Julie Clare with Clare Pelham CEO in the lab

The Clare Foundation’s Founder and Chairman Mike Clare and wife Julie Clare, recently donated £10,000 towards supporting the pioneering research being undertaken by the Genomics Research Programme at the Epilepsy Society.

The Charity’s vision is for a world where epilepsy is irrelevant and people with epilepsy lead the lives they want to lead. Being able to drive a car, leave the house care-free and do the things that those without epilepsy take for granted.

To make that vision a reality, the Epilepsy Society, in partnership with eminent scientists across the world, is building on the excellent track record of leading breakthroughs in epilepsy research and treatment. They are conducting world-leading research to better understand epilepsy and how to tailor the combination of drugs to enable each individual with epilepsy to have a greater chance of controlling their seizures and therefore lead a normal life.

The genomics research programme aims to:

• Improve quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families
• Deliver earlier diagnosis reducing risks associated with cognitive decline and injuries caused by seizures
• Increase life expectancy for people with epilepsy and a reduction in epilepsy-related deaths
• Improve rates of seizure freedom
• Give greater choice of treatments to effectively manage different types of epilepsies
• Deliver targeted precision treatment reducing the length of time to control the condition and instances of unnecessary treatments and side effects and other potential harmful effects from drug treatments

In the lab
Lab equipment

Clare Pelham. CEO. Epilepsy Society

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to show Mike and Julie our world-leading research at Chalfont. Just as a nearby village at Bletchley became world famous for its unique codebreaking research in wartime, so Chalfont St Peter is famous across the world for our pioneering epilepsy research. There must be something in the air in Buckinghamshire that is conducive to deep thinkers!

It is so generous of Mike to support our research through his Foundation. Very few people know that 1 in 100 of us in the UK have epilepsy, and while many people with epilepsy benefit from research that allows them to control their seizures, others sadly still have their lives blighted. They live with the anxiety of never knowing when they cross the road, collect their children from school or give an important presentation at work when a seizure will strike. The £10,000 gift from The Clare Foundation will contribute to the salary of a researcher whose work will focus on improving the lives of people with the most severe epilepsies in a research programme that we call, TreatGeneE. What could be kinder?”

Mike Clare. Founder & Chairman. The Clare Foundation

“Having lived close to the Chalfont’s Epilepsy Society for many years it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to visit the facilities and see some of their programmes in action. It was great to meet and talk with Clare Pelham (CEO) and Professor Sanjay (Director of Genomics) and hear about the ground-breaking (and global leading) work that they are doing with scientific research into epilepsy and their specialist sequencer / specialist MRI scan used for people with epilepsy.

Julie and I were hugely impressed by the size of the estate/grounds and the pioneering research that the team is doing there. We are delighted that The Clare Foundation is providing a grant to facilitate the treatment of people with epilepsy in Buckinghamshire.”

Mike & Julie Clare with Clare Pelham CEO & team member

Martin Gallagher. CEO. The Clare Foundation

“It was great to visit one of the UK, and the world’s leading charities that is based in the south of Buckinghamshire. The science technology and facilities that the Epilepsy Society have is just extraordinary and to be admired. It was a privilege for us to visit and we are delighted that we were able to provide this grant to help people in Buckinghamshire.”

To find out more about the Epilepsy Society’s research visit:

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