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Procedure Statement

This is a summary of how we process and store your information in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We are committed to GDPR compliance and value the information you share with us, therefore we will endeavour to keep your information up-to-date, to store and destroy it securely, to protect it from loss, misuse, unauthorised access and disclosure.  We will not collect or retain excessive amounts of data and will ensure that appropriate operational and technical measures are in place to protect the information we hold.

We review our privacy policies and may update this notice periodically; the most recent copy can be found on our website. If we make any significant changes this will be communicated on our website.

Who we are

The Clare Foundation is a charity which has three core purposes:

  • Helping Charities to become more commercial and efficient.
  • Helping Businesses get involved in the wider Buckinghamshire community and with their Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Helping People with their self-esteem, confidence, positiveness, well-being and general happiness and “feel-good” factor, creating a positive and optimistic community

Our principle address is 4th Floor, Sunley House, Oxford Rd, Aylesbury HP19 8EZ

Registered charity number is 1131949

Registered company number is 06995233

Our Information and Privacy Co-Ordinator is for The Clare Foundation, if you have any concerns regarding the contents of this notice or require further information please contact or if the matter is of an urgent matter please call 01296 798082.


The information we use

We may collect several types of personal information, such as;

  • basic personal information, including full name and contact details;
  • financial information, including reason and amount of any donations, account details (including sort code and account number when paying directly to our bank account), card number (where provided) and any gift aid declarations;
  • information concerning your involvement with The Clare Foundation (such as any goods and services you supply);
  • for those employed by The Clare Foundation, employment information, (such as NI number, tax code, student loan payments, pension contributions).

We do not collect or process any data that is classified as ‘sensitive’.


Why we use this information

We use your information so that we can best fulfil our day to day business activities. Your information may be used in several ways, such as;

  • to enable us to meet our legal and statutory obligations;
  • to communicate regarding the work we are doing with you;
  • to inform you of upcoming activities, events or unforeseen changes (direct marketing, subject to your chosen communication preferences);
  • maintain our financial accounts and records;
  • to process any payments or donations you make, including claiming Gift Aid as appropriate;
  • to make a payment to you;
  • to promote our goods and services (where you have opted in);
  • to respond effectively to enquirers and handle any complaints appropriately;


Where we obtain the information from

We collect personal information directly from you when you (but not limited to);

  • submit an online form via the website;
  • contact us via telephone, email or in person;
  • make an online payment;
  • make an application to work at The Clare Foundation;
  • anytime you provide us with personal information.


Who we will share your information with

We look to keep your information as secure as possible, however to undertake some of our processes or to comply with our legal obligations we may have to share certain information with third party organisations. If this is the case we limit the information we share to that which is required to undertake the task for which they were appointed, or that is required by law. We do not sell on your information.

Information may be shared with (but not limited to);

  • event or training organisations that you have requested to attend;
  • statutory bodies and organisations (such as the Home Office for DBS checks, HMRC when claiming gift aid);
  • payment processor (such as banks, when we need to make a payment to you);
  • professional services or appointed data processors (such as our auditors for the purpose of annual accounts);
  • when we are required to by law, government entities, tax authorities or regulatory bodies;


Our legal basis for processing your information

There are several lawful basis for processing your information, in the main The Clare Foundation will process your personal information on the basis of consent. This means you will be asked to give us consent to using and processing your personal information as detailed above, or to provide additional consent for a specific purpose if it falls out of our normal remit of work.

Other processing based on legitimate interest may be necessary to carry out our obligations under employment, social security or social protection law, or a collective agreement.

If we wish to use your information for a new ongoing purpose, not covered by this policy, then we will seek further consent from you prior to processing your information.


Where we store your information

We have taken appropriate operational and technical measures to ensure your information is secure. All information is stored on systems complying with measures giving equivalent protections of personal rights. Your information will only be processed by appropriately trained staff, contractors and appointed data processors.  We primarily store information on Nasstar, our cloud-based file management system.

We also store information on our accountancy package.


Other websites and social media

This privacy notice only applies to our website only and therefore if you select a link to another website, we would encourage you to read their privacy notice or policy.

We use Eventbrite, Mailchimp and our website to advertise upcoming events and communicate news and changes.


How long will we store your information?

We have a procedure in place where we have identified how long we will keep information for. This is defined by how long it is relevant and for what purpose we hold it.

If you wish to find out more, please contact the Data Protection Officer for further information on

We are required to retain some records for an extended period of time including (but not limited to) financial transactions and employment records and in these cases we will retain records in accordance with the current UK legislation or guidelines.

All information following this time will be deleted (if electronic record) or securely disposed of (if paper record).


Your rights as a ‘data subject’

You have several rights over the information we hold on you, such as;

  1. right to access the information we hold;

You may request a copy of the personal information we hold on you, and information concerning why we use it, where we obtained it from and who we share it with by emailing We will respond within one month of your request.

  • right of to have your information erased;

You may request that we delete your personal information by emailing We will respond within one month of your request. 

  • right of rectify your information;

You may update, or request your information to be updated, if you believe it is inaccurate, by emailing We will action within one month of your request. 

  • right to restrict processing;

You have the right to request that we restrict processing if there is a disagreement about its accuracy or legitimate use.  Please email us at to request this.  We may choose to restrict processing on your behalf, where we are resolving any issues.

  • right to object;

You have the right to request that we stop processing your data by emailing setting out your reasons for the request.  We have one month in which to respond to your request and will restrict processing whilst we are reviewing it.

  • right to data portability;

If you provide personal information, by completely automated / electronic means, for the purpose of providing us with your consent for processing information or in order to enter into a contract with us, you have the right to have a copy of the information provided to you in a portable format.  Submit your request by emailing We will respond within one month of your request.

Please note, in there may be extenuating circumstances in which we can not honour your rights, i.e. if there’s a legal reason to retain your data, however these will be discussed with you at the time.

For some of the ‘rights’ we may ask for proof of ID before actioning the request.


What to do if you have a concern or complaint

If you have a concern or complaint regarding the way your information is being handled please contact our Data Co-ordinator, Martin Gallagher at

Following this is you are still unhappy you have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office:

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