The 2.6 Challenge

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Martin Gallagher, CEO of The Clare Foundation takes on The 2.6 Challenge!

Martin Gallagher 2.6 challenge

The team at The Clare Foundation were really keen to set a challenge for Martin to help raise funds for a local charity.

And what a challenge it is!

Martin will be completing a 26 minute, high intensity interval training session, which will comprise of:

  1. 26       x Rubber Band Chest / Squat Dips
  2. 2.6      x 2.6 Minutes Garden Sprints/Running
  3. 26       x Star Jumps
  4. 26       x Tyre Shuffles (left to right)
  5. 26       x 2.6 Minute Plank
  6. 26       x Rugby Passes – White Bin / or Person
  7. 26       x Burpee jumps
  8. 26       x Dumb-Bell Overhead Thrusters 20/KG
  9. 26       x Dumb-Bell Scrum Pulls 20/KG on big log
  10. 26       x Sit Ups

Not only that, Martin will be wearing 26 items of clothing while completing these high intensity fitness exercises so watch this space!!!

Martin would like to raise £260 for his chosen charity –

If you would like to support Martin and his chosen charity please donate via his Just Giving page.

The 2.6 Challenge

Based on the London Marathon (26 miles) the challenge is to raise £67m nationwide (the amount raised annually by the LM) which will be distributed to charities through Just Giving and Virgin Money.

The initiative is designed for people to get active by doing something 26 times eg skip, hop, walk 2.6 km etc and raise funds by doing doing it, the target is £26/person (which could go directly to our Charities, when participants use Just Giving/Virgin Money)

The organisers have produced a toolkit with all the collateral you need to help promote your challenge.

To find out more, you can visit the 2.6 challenge website or email

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