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On 17 June 2021 we hosted a live online workshop in partnership with Cancer Research UK’s Talk Cancer team. The aim of the event was to help people within Buckinghamshire who work directly with the community to raise cancer awareness as part of their role. This was timed to coincide with Men’s Health Awareness Month 2021.

Supriya More, CEO at More Horizons came away with lots to think about in terms of how she can incorporate her learnings into her organisation. “Thank you for a great workshop. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to take part and learn. It was not only interactive but also thought provoking. I took away lots of things that I can quickly and easily apply within the community groups that we plan to reach especially the BAME” 

“I found the workshop an enlightening session based on a subject I have far too much first hand experience of. I think that more awareness should be undertaken in our communities almost like awareness roadshows. I am a volunteer for Cancer Research and I know how powerful the science behind the research can be and those messages are so important to communicate. I feel that the workshop enhance the knowledge that I already have and filled in some gaps at the same time. Very worthy and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to attend.” Makyla Devlin

“The talk was well presented and very informative and thought-provoking. It lead to an interesting discussion with a member of my family on some of their lifestyle choices.” says our Charity Services Manager, Evelyn Daley.

Meeting Linda: Talk Cancer Trainers

Helen, The Clare Foundation’s Head of Charity Operations, interviewed Linda one of the Talk Cancer trainers who delivered our live workshop:

What’s your role at Cancer Research UK? 

My name is Linda Lincoln and I’m a cancer awareness nurse trainer for the Talk Cancer training programme. I’ve worked at Cancer Research UK for 5 years and previously worked on our Roadshow.  

What is the purpose of the Talk Cancer programme? Why is it important to deliver this type of training? 

1 in 2 people in the UK will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime†. However, around 40% of cancer cases in the UK are preventable, largely through making healthy changes. Having supportive conversations about cancer and health could save lives, but it can be difficult to know how to broach them. Our training programme has been created by nurses to help people feel confident talking to people about ways to reduce the risk of cancer, spotting cancer early and screening. Taking part in Talk Cancer will help you: 

  • understand the key messages around cancer awareness 
  • improve your confidence and ‘know how to make the most of your conversations about cancer and health 
  • encourage people to make healthy changes, use local services and see their doctor with any concerns 

Who is Talk Cancer aimed at? Is it just for health professionals? 

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, work or volunteer in your community or are in any role where you discuss health with others – you have the power to make a difference. That’s why our training is open to anyone who’s able to promote health and well-being in your community. We’ve trained a variety of people including Pharmacists, Occupational Therapists, Social Prescribers, VCS organisations, councils and public health teams.  

Can you share any statistics about the number of people you have trained in the last year? 

Before the pandemic our training was solely face-to-face but adapting our training online has meant we’ve still been able to train hundreds of people across the UK. Since August 2020, 748 people have attended our training. We’re hoping to return to face-to-face training as soon as it is safe so we will be able to offer our workshops online and in person. 

If you had to summarise Talk Cancer in three words what would they be? 

Interactive – evidence-based – practical  

Are there any upcoming workshops/ courses that people could sign up for? 

There are various training options available to suit different needs: 

  • You can commission a private workshop for your group 
  • Apply for a free workshop through our bursary scheme. Check to see if you are eligible here   
  • Our individual sign up workshops that we run every quarter are open for anyone to join 

Please see our website for more information about all of the training options.

About the Event

This workshop was aimed at Bucks based charity professionals and volunteers who have a frontline or client-facing role.

We talked openly about how people can reduce their risk of cancer and spotting cancer early could help save thousands of lives.

The training helped to:

  • Talk to people about how they could reduce their risk of getting cancer
  • Help people understand the importance of spotting cancer early and the screening programmes available
  • Have effective, supportive conversations about health in general and encourage people to take positive action for their health

Talk Cancer: cancer awareness training programme

‘Talk Cancer’ is Cancer Research UK’s highly respected cancer awareness training programme.

Join the conversation and follow @TalkCancer_CRUK for news, updates and opinion.

To find out more about our upcoming workshops, training and events, please visit our events page.

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