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We believe in continuous professional development and taking the time to think and reflect. In addition, learning from peers and experts in the field is key to organisational development.

We run a series of events to support Charity / Social Enterprise Leaders and Business Leaders throughout the year. For some examples of our events see below:

C2B Networking

  • 06 May 2020
  • 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
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We run a number of Charity Leader Forums throughout the year that bring together up to 25 senior leaders to focus on one area of joint concern e.g. our Feb 2020 Charity Leader Forum’s keynote speaker was Claire Hawkes, Director, Localities and Strategic Partners, Buckinghamshire Council: an opportunity for guests to understand how Buckinghamshire Council’s Corporate Plan supports the work of their charity and helped guests develop a greater understanding of how they can engage with the council. These events are also an opportunity for charities to network and see what natural synergies they have.

We also run Charity and Business Leader Forums. These are very similar to Charity Leader Forums but also include senior business representatives. Again, they focus on one key theme e.g. Project / CSR Impact Reporting. They are also an opportunity for businesses and charities to network and see how they might come together for their mutual benefit.

We also hold an annual conference bringing together charities / social enterprises and businesses to workshop the most prevalent social issues in Buckinghamshire.

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