Supporting Leap with their Boredom Buster project

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Summer Boredom Busters

Activity equipment packs helping disadvantaged young people feel the benefit of moving more

The Clare Foundation, along with the Rothschild Foundation supported Leap in funding the Summer Boredom Buster packs along with the support from Latimer Hope Trust in packing and distribution. The support of the partners has enabled 400 packs to be distributed to families across Buckinghamshire.

Children were among those hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic and many had limited or no access to sport or physical activity opportunities during lockdown, in turn negatively affecting their physical and mental health.

Leap identified an opportunity for a rapid response to the situation which would help address many of the barriers these young people were facing. The ‘Boredom Busters’ concept was created and comprised of equipment bags full of easy to use equipment with activity cards giving simple ideas of how to use the equipment in both indoor and outdoor settings and with minimal space or guidance.

The concept was shared with the Buckinghamshire Emergency Funding Group and warmly welcomed with members offering to fund further packs which enabled Leap to expand the reach of the project.

Mike Clare Founder and Chairman, The Clare Foundation commented,

“It is terrific that we are working together and are able to collaborate with our key partners in the County to promote greater opportunities for young people in Buckinghamshire to be physically active over the Summer season.

The Trustees and I are delighted that this partnership between ourselves, Latimer Hope Trust and the Rothschild Foundation has helped Leap support a key number of families who have been impacted by the Coronavirus.”

Sue Imbriano, Chair of the Leap Board commented,

“The outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been an experience shared by all but impacting us very differently. We know the pandemic has resulted in significant numbers of young people missing out on PE and doing less physical activity.”

“We also know that children from deprived backgrounds are doing even less activity. By providing simple, easy to use equipment and fun activity ideas, the Boredom Buster packs remove at least one barrier for the young people of Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes to be active over the Summer holidays.

Support from our partners has been vital in enabling us to distribute 400 of these packs to disadvantaged families.”

Whilst evaluation of the project is still ongoing and feedback from young people is continuing to be gathered, initial responses have been encouraging.

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