Supporting Aylesbury Kindness Wave

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Aylesbury Kindness Wave – delivering love and comfort wrapped in a parcel

The Kindness Wave offers love and comfort to children and young people who are finding this time really difficult to manage.

The Clare Foundation are delighted to support Aylesbury Kindness Wave by sponsoring 100 creative activity packs to children in foster care and children’s homes this summer via Bucks Virtual School.

Young children get an apron and a fabric pen and older children a lamp shade for decorating. All also get a sketch book, postcards, drawing pencil, a story book, handmade soap as well as a handmade fabric heart to hang up.

Looked after children have had a really challenging time over this crisis and this is just a little step to support them.

What’s in the parcels?


Messages of love from young people


The Kindness Wave poster and postcard to share with a loved one


A bar of handcrafted soap, something arty and a book to enjoy


A bar of delicious chocolate

Aylesbury Kindness Wave (AKW) plans to help young children over the summer. This is a lovely idea and The Clare Foundation is delighted to work together with them to promote this wonderful opportunity. Children need activities to take them through their day, learn new things and have fun, we really appreciate those days when children don’t have a care in the world and play like little children should do. We are happy to support this cause and work closely with AKW.

We look forward to working with other likeminded charities and organisations as we transition from lockdown and the unmet needs of the county are recognised and addressed with key partners.”

Mike Clare, Founder and Chairman, The Clare Foundation

Interested in getting involved in the project? Find out more about The Kindness Wave.

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