Outward Bound Adventure Funded by The Clare Foundation

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In 2022, The Clare Foundation kindly donated £7,200 to The Outward Bound Trust which enabled 36 students from a school in Buckinghamshire to attend a 5-day course at the Aberdovey centre, where they had the opportunity to develop their capabilities and unlock their potential through adventure in the outdoors.

The small school is in an area of high deprivation and student
aspirations are low. The majority do not leave the area they live in, so the purpose of their Outward Bound course was to show the young people the opportunities that exist beyond their community and get them thinking positively about where they want to go in life and how to achieve those goals.

Over the course of the week the young people took part in activities such as gorge walking, rock climbing, abseiling and an overnight expedition.

Through their adventures in the outdoors, they had the opportunity to push themselves outside their comfort zone and try new things, developing their teamwork and communication skills, confidence, and resilience. By overcoming challenges in a new environment, the young people had the opportunity to experience success, reflect on their achievements and increase their self-belief and aspirations.

Learning Outcomes

The feedback gathered at the end of the course indicated that their Outward Bound experience improved the young people’s confidence, self-awareness and resilience:

  • 94% of young people felt more confident that they could overcome challenges.
  • 88% were more aware of their strengths and the skills they need to develop
  • 88% felt more confident in their ability to reach the goals they set for themselves.

Testimonials from the students and staff:

“I learnt that working with others really encourages you to challenge yourself.” Pupil aged 15

“I learned that if me and my group didn’t help and support each other, we all wouldn’t overcome challenges. But with our support we pushed each other to higher goals and we were proud of it at the end.” Pupil aged 14

“They grew more and more confident with all challenges.” Teacher

“[They developed] increased resilience – taking on challenges and knowing what’s possible, and experiencing type 2 fun (delayed gratification). [It will have] an influence on GCSEs and clubs.” Staff member

“I overcame the walking on the expedition because my team helped me through and all the views gave me motivation. I felt proud and I felt like I could do anything.” Pupil aged 14

“A challenge for me was the rock climbing as I didn’t realise I had
a fear of heights but with some encouragement I completed it. I
felt a weight off my shoulders, I wanted to at least do one thing
that challenged me but I felt so much better when I’d done it.”
Pupil aged 15

“[I observed] strong leaders developed. Much more
confident [with] willingness to try/push themselves.”

Mike Clare, Founder & Chairman, The Clare Foundation

“The Trustees and I are delighted that the school could visit Wales and spend time in the countryside with the Outward Bound Trust.

I have always loved what Outward Bound stands for and their fantastic programmes, centres and their outdoor education for young people is to be commended. 

We look forward to developing a new initiative for 2023 which we are working on currently. Congratulations to all the young people who attended.”

Martin Gallagher, CEO, The Clare Foundation

“Outward Bound is a leading national outdoor adventure and educational charity, and it was great for us at The Clare Foundation to work with them in 2021/2022. We look forward to developing a project for Buckinghamshire young people for 2023.” 

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