Middle Leader Forum: Building a better social media presence

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Vicky White is the founder of Vicky White Communications, a marketing agency in High Wycombe, Bucks who works with SMEs, including charities to help them to increase online visibility and website visits.

She helps her clients with their marketing strategy, planning and delivery including; social media management, email campaigns, Google and social media advertising and content creation to ensure they are achieving their business goals.

In this training session, charities learnt how to build a better social media presence.

We explored the following areas:

• Why use social media for your charity?

• How to build social media followers to increase your post reach

• Ideas on what to post on social media, how and when to ensure the biggest impact

• How to create unique/bespoke visuals for your social media channels

• Time saving tools

• The best way to measure your activity to improve future performance

Following the session, charities should now have a better understanding on why social media is important and how to use it effectively and efficiently!

You can watch the full recording below.

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