Leading with purpose: Craig Goldblatt’s Leadership Series

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Leading with Purpose: seminar series for Bucks based charity professionals

Following the success of our Leading with Purpose course for Charity Leaders last autumn, we were delighted to have Craig Goldblatt, a world-renowned transformational speaker and impact coach back to deliver a programme aimed at middle managers and aspiring leaders. We would like to say thank you to everyone who attended Craig Goldblatt’s leadership workshop series! We are extremely pleased that many of the attendees left with new knowledge, and great confidence to support their work in the Buckinghamshire community!

Whether you’re a CEO, a philanthropist, a charity employee or a committed volunteer, you can make a BIGGER contribution to the world than you ever thought possible. It’s simple with a proven blueprint— one that shows you the exact steps to leverage what you’re already doing so you create a global impact. Craig helps you to clarify your purpose, maximize your potential, cultivate key relationships and leave an inspiring legacy behind.

Over three consecutive Mondays, Craig showed delegates how to lead with purpose by exploring: 

  • Purpose and identity
  • Beliefs, values and skills
  • Behaviours, environment and external factors

Leadership Series Feedback:

“Craig Goldblatt, ​is a high-performance leadership development coach. He has a wealth of experience on a global level working with charities, corporate entities, and individuals to shape and develop their future and how to do things and see things in a better light. It was a great delight and highly rewarding opportunity for The Clare Foundation to share his knowledge​, experience, and skills with sector colleagues across Buckinghamshire”. Martin Gallagher, Chief Executive Officer, The Clare Foundation.

“I found the course energising, motivational and inspirational”. Sharon Harris, Office Manager, DrugFAM Charity.

Meet Susie Roddick, Trustee, Tanzania Charity.

Susie runs a charity focusing on education provision and sponsorship schemes for rural Tanzania!

Susie took the opportunity to join the series and would like to share what she has learnt and how it has benefited her.

“I just wanted to thank you for the 3 leadership sessions delivered by Craig Goldblatt. I really enjoyed the self-exploration that Craig encouraged and feel that there are certainly quite a number of things I can take forward as a direct result.

Just to top line the key things that personally resonated for me and that I would like to work on:-

The concept of daily ‘brushing of the mind’

Imagination & flexibility = power

Changing ‘should’ to ‘must’

How deep are you living your life?

“Craig’s positive, energetic delivery made the workshop a really enjoyable experience, thank you, Craig. Of course, big thanks also to The Clare Foundation for facilitating the programme and offering me the opportunity to participate.”

Book recommendations:

At the event, we also promised to provide a selection of relevant books that you may enjoy reading…

  • A Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
  • The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin
  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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