International Youth Day: TAP Creative Masterclass

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TAP Creative Music Masterclasses

The Clare Foundation awards TAP Creative £5,000 funding!

In celebration of international youth day, we would love to share the amazing work that TAP Creative has been up to. Back in March, we awarded them with £5,000 funding to cover the costs of 5/100 projected students to be enrolled into their masterclass. Alongside this, the funds also contributed towards renovating the disused basement into a charity music studio to provide a great music space for young individuals across the community of Bucks.

What is TAP Creative?

TAP Creative CIC is a joint venture of three Bucks based companies Tuneful Tutors, Archive Studios and PIC Music.

Tuneful Tutors have worked with hundreds of students across all abilities and age ranges, providing individually tailored lessons on instrumentation, theory, song-writing, performance and recording for over 4 years. Tuneful’s network of tutors specialise in ensuring the student is inspired to play, using their own artistic goals to design a tailored tuition program allowing students to achieve that goal in a guided methodical approach.

Archive Studios and their technicians have worked with many bands and artists to develop, record and release their music. Built on collaboration, they have worked on projects with creatives, in a variety of scenarios; from live-recording and live-streaming to studio recording to music videos and marketing. 

PIC Music is an Artists First event promotion, management and development organisation striving to provide creativeswith opportunities in the music industry, through services such as marketing management, career consultancy and coordinating showcase events.

There are more community partners involved in the delivery and promotion of this project, including Aspire AP Academy, Bucks Music Trust, Bucks Music Educational Hub, Bucks YMCA along with many other Youth Clubs and Organisations, Mental Health Organisations and Community Organisations from across Bucks.

Masterclass project:

The TAP Creative Masterclass Project is a new community venture from TAP Creative CIC that will provide 3 levels of classes to disadvantaged or at-risk young people of any ability, who can’t currently access the life-changing benefits of music. The students will learn to play, write, record and release their own music in small groups with the guidance of experienced tutors and studio technicians. The programme will develop students’ skills and well-being and produce tangible media to evidence these skills to best develop the opportunity for artistic as well as career development and community benefit.

Benefits of the project:

“The Covid19 pandemic has been disastrous for creatives, the arts as an industry and culture. We have seen a heartbreaking number of community and arts organisations close, leaving a void of local projects and activities. It is now difficult for young people to see the arts as a viable path for engagement and career opportunities. However, our goal-oriented approach shows students that these opportunities do exist and how to access them with an emphasis on life-long skills: teamwork, communication, confidence – that students will take with them into future endeavours, be they creative or otherwise.

Providing an artistic outlet to our students, will allow us to reintroduce creativity into the community where there is currently a lack of creative practice particularly for young people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. This gives us a greater scope for instigating further long-term works with neighbouring organisations such as Bucks Music Trust & Bucks Music Educational Hub to build a greater collaborative approach to the artistic development of Buckinghamshire. Our focus on collaboration with other students in their class provides a network of like-minded young people they can continue to progress with after the first year’s programme has come to an end. Through partnerships, we aim to grow rapidly to have a beneficial impact on the wider community”

You can learn more about TAP Creative’s Masterclass by visiting their website.

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