Half Term Hot Meal Event at Buckinghamshire New University

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We were delighted to be able to give funding to Buckinghamshire New University to help them provide a hot meal and craft activities for families during the October Half Term.

Colouring books
Colouring books
Craft items

Louise Harvey, Head of Communications at Buckinghamshire New University, gives feedback on the successful event:

“The event went brilliantly. Roughly two-thirds of the families (40) who pre-registered turned up which meant we were also able to allow five families who arrived on the day after struggling to use the QR code to eat/take part too. All of the food was gone by 1:30pm with nearly all families arriving between 11:45-1pm. We gave extra travel vouchers to those who arrived after the food had gone.

The feedback was wholly positive, lots of happy families and children, with one Mum expressing it was the first proper meal she had eaten in three days. Another said she did not receive Pupil Premium but had recently come into hardship with the cost of living crisis so was grateful for the invite.

All but one family stayed to engage with the craft and colouring activities that you kindly helped to fund, and we had many happy parents and children who spent an afternoon making things together. The Clare Foundation’s support really helped to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere with plenty to do – and take home – after enjoying a hot meal.

Many thanks again for your support.”

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