Funding for Citizens Advice Bucks

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Funding for energy vouchers

Citizens Advice Bucks is an independent charity that provides free, confidential and impartial advice and support. Their goal is to help everyone find a way forward, whatever their problem.

The Charity wanted to be able to help people who they knew would face a great challenge heating their homes this winter, because of the large increase in energy prices in the autumn. They knew they had to act quickly to help people because we were heading into the coldest seasons of the year, and vulnerable people were at risk.

The Clare Foundation was able to provide a grant towards the cost of issuing energy vouchers to those most in need in Buckinghamshire. Vouchers of up to £250 are issued to people in extenuating need through a means tested application process. Here are two examples of people helped by the scheme:

Client X, has had to leave his job as a hairdresser due to health issues, age 38, 1 daughter primary school. Lives in Aylesbury, rents from HA. Single. Now studying at Bedford College for a change in career. Currently in receipt of Universal Credit, Child Benefit, CTR. Fees for college paid via student loan. Nothing for maintenance as it a non-qualifying course – although he is challenging this. Client has deficit budget. Has to have a car to get to/from college. Means currently deficit budget. Took out IVA when circumstances were different. Now can’t afford it and trying to get IVA to fail (he’s stopped paying and is speaking to them) and wants to apply for a DRO. Client was extremely grateful for fuel voucher as he struggles to meet cost of essential expenditure due to deficit budget. Fuel voucher contributed to client being able to keep house warm for him and his daughter.

Client Y, single, lives in private rented property in Marlow, age 43. Works and just on/around threshold for benefits. After food, transport, utilities, budget is deficit. Fuel voucher provided a little financial support to a stretched budget.

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