COVID-19 Volunteering Update

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VCS & Council Coordinated Response

The Clare Foundation are working in partnership with Buckinghamshire Council and a number of other charities as part of the county’s VCS coronavirus taskforce. This group meets virtually once a week.

We’ve been involved in several projects so far including establishing the county-wide COVID-19 volunteering service, coordinating the emergency food response, establishing the charity finance cell and working together on the coordinated provision of information resources for Bucks residents, charities and community groups.

Over 1,600 Bucks residents have signed up as volunteers since the community support hub launched in March. The Community Impact Bucks team, with support from staff at The Clare Foundation and Bucks Council are working hard to match these new volunteers to roles across the County.

However, it is clear that we have more willing volunteers than we have roles to assign them to. We hope to harness the willingness and commitment of this pool of volunteers for the benefit of the whole VCS community in Buckinghamshire, beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

Does your organisation need new volunteers to support you with your coronavirus emergency response efforts? Or perhaps you envisage needing volunteers to set up services which will be needed by the community as we move forward into the recovery phase, and when the Government’s current restrictions are lifted?

If you do, we’d love to hear from you, please email

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