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‘Smart ways to manage remote working teams’

The Clare Foundation in conjunction with ‘Smarter not Harder’ are organising a webinar at 10am on 9th April for all local charities in the Buckinghamshire area.

Date: 9th April 2020

Time: 10am

“With businesses across the globe facing a new reality, isolation doesn’t necessarily mean lower levels of employee productivity and satisfaction. With the right approach you can minimise the downsides of working remotely and have happy, productive teams”

Many organisations have recently been “forced” to introduce working from home, virtually & remotely. How long will they have to work this way? …weeks, possibly months; and if productivity is not maintained, the consequences of this could be undesirable.

So how do you effectively manage or lead people remotely? 

What’s the simplest, easiest & quickest way to successfully implement remote working?  

How can you support your team to maximise their productivity?

For 17 years the SNH team have been working remotely.  As leaders and managers it is recognised that working at a distance presents its own unique challenges.  In this programme SNH are able to share their insights into how they’ve made this work so successfully.  Whether this change to working patterns and practices is temporary, or leads to a new way of working in the future, now is a good time to understand how to make the most of the opportunity to work remotely.

During this webinar they will cover:

  • Key touch points & crucial conversations
  • Selecting the best medium for communication
  • Freedom within a framework – the right type of empowerment
  • The ‘Lurcher’ theory – selecting the right “leadership or management” style for each individual & what to do if you are unsure what this is
  • Maintaining the daily focus
  • Setting Boundaries and Expectations
  • Productivity is a team sport (the accidental ways we help & hinder others)
  • The 4 things everyone in your team needs from you (the minimum we must give to keep people focused, motivated, engaged, satisfied & feel valued at work)

This virtual workshop is packed full of great content to stimulate and accelerate those small changes that can make a big difference when managing a team remotely.  It will provide a boost, and a few ‘light bulb’ moments, to get you and your team to the place you want in a very short space of time.

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