Bid Writing Course – 15th to 18th January 2024

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The Clare Foundation is delighted to present this webinar in partnership with our bid writing expert, Isabel White, who will share her tips for constructing successful funding applications.

The sessions will be delivered online over Zoom 12:30pm – 2pm over four consecutive lunchtimes and to get the most from the course we strongly recommend attending all four modules.

Monday 15th January 2024: Module One – The Basics

  • The current climate for fundraising – What the fundraising landscape looks like; effects of the pandemic; why funders are in it for the long game
  • What motivates funders – How they manage and spend out their investments; what they look for when investing in you
  • The issues they’re focussing on; tracking societal developments; defining moments in our lives and how that shapes giving policy; complementing government funding; thinking ahead, and why you should bear all of this in mind
  • Basic fundraising principles and why they matter; what success looks like; perspective and staying motivated when you fail
  • What does the future hold? Will there be more funds available? What will funders want to invest in?
  • Why you need to know this before you ask for money.

Tuesday 16th January 2024: Module Two – Creating Your Case

  • Three questions to answer – Keeping it simple; 1. What do you want money for? 2. How much do you want? 3. Where will you get it?
  • Creating a robust and compelling case – What funders are looking for; what to put in, what to leave out
  • Data – how much and how relevant?
  • Focusing on outcomes, impact and making a difference
  • Tips on length, style, tone, content etc.; the importance of rigorous editing
  • Answering the question!

Wednesday 17th January 2024: Module three – Budgets and Targets

  • Building your budget – The long game – how much do you really want?
  • How to present this to a funder
  • A table of gifts – the shortest route to your target
  • Importance of match funding
  • A safe pair of hands with their money?

Thursday 18th January 2024: Module four – Where to Get the Money

  • How different fundraising opportunities fit together – donations, sponsorship, grants, social media fundraising etc.
  • Decoding the funders’ criteria – What funders are looking for; building relationships with funders; making the ask (submitting your bid); feeding back, reporting, planning for the next ask.
  • Pitfalls – how not to be a nuisance, but build that relationship; success breeds success.
  • An example funder deconstructed
  • Some practical exercises

About our speaker – Isabel White

Isabel has over thirty years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector, working with organisations that focus on the arts, disability, diversity, education, enterprise, environment, health, heritage, homelessness, housing, human rights, regeneration, social welfare and women’s issues. She has worked with more than 220 clients on over 250 assignments.

Isabel has helped her clients to raise over £24m from individuals, trusts, the National Lottery, statutory and other sources. She also advises clients on governance, strategic planning and ethical issues, offering a range of services including training and mentoring. Her clients have included government departments, major international charities and small grassroots community organisations.

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