Aylesbury Vale Child Contact Centre Receives Grant

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The Clare Foundation’s grant allows this essential service to continue

The Aylesbury Vale Child Contact Centre is a place for children to meet with parents with whom they no longer live after relationship breakdown.

The Contact Centre’s main aim is to help children to spend time with the parent they do not live with. They offer a neutral, relaxed environment which, in addition, is also geared to making an often difficult situation easier for parents. The service is delivered by a Coordinator and a team of trained volunteers and is entirely free.

Although the Contact Centre was able to stay open during much of the pandemic, like many other charities during this period, it was unable to raise funds. The Clare Foundation provided a grant to help ensure the provision of this essential service can continue. In addition, we were able to introduce the Charity to other organisations with whom they can work collaboratively and advise on training.

Veronica Corben, Chair of Trustees, Aylesbury Vale Child Contact Centre

We have been so delighted to receive a grant from The Clare Foundation. Our charity is very small and not well known, and our families, because of their situations, can do little to publicise what we do for them.

By providing this grant we are able to continue to support the Aylesbury Vale Child Contact Centre to provide a safe place for children to meet their non resident parent in safety, when the family structure has completely broken down. It’s hard difficult work at times, but so rewarding.

You can find out more about the Contact Centre’s service here: https://www.aylesburyvalechildcontactcentre.org/

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