2021 Charity Digital Marketing Trends

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2021 Charity Digital Marketing Trends with Vicky White Communications

If you missed the last marketing presentation on 2021 charity digital marketing trends or want a recap we’ve provided the recording below. You will also find a link to the presenter’s website blog which highlights some of the key points covered.

If you would like to read the blog which highlights the key points please click the following link Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 I Vicky White Communications.

About the presenter

Vicky White is the founder of White Communications, a digital marketing agency in High Wycombe who work with SMEs and charities in and around Buckinghamshire. Vicky has also been the driving force behind the marketing for The Clare Foundation for the past 4 years, as well as delivering workshops and providing pro bono marketing guidance to local charities and not for profits.

If you’re a charity looking for marketing support with your campaign delivery or simply need some guidance please contact Vicky directly on 07950 513931 or get in touch with The Clare Foundation.

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