Family Angels

Support for Family Angels Buckinghamshire: At the recent Clare Foundation, Late Summer Soirée held at the Thomley Charity estate; Mike Clare, Founder & Chairman expressed his support both financially and from his family towards the great work of Family Angels and The Clare Foundation to support this initiative.

Praising Family Angels, Mike said:

I have a real passion to help Buckinghamshire families that would otherwise not receive any support or grant funding from external sources, charities or regulatory bodies. I am aware that there are many families in need of help but, they don’t know who to speak with, they sometimes lack the courage to ask for help, they’d rather do without, or a combination of these reasons means that they don’t reach out or receive help. I am sure we all hear or see, from time to time, a family that was doing well and for one reason or another faces difficult financial challenges. If you know a family that needs help, please contact our office and we will redirect you to a Community Advocate.

Mike Clare | Founder & Chairman | The Clare Foundation
September 2022

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