The Clare Foundation Project Spotlight: Thomley’s Achieve Life Skills Programme

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The Clare Foundation Project Spotlight: Thomley’s Achieve Life Skills Programme, Thursday 19 August 2021.

The aim of The Clare Foundation’s spotlight events is to give you an opportunity to hear about projects funded by The Clare Foundation; to meet and network with other Bucks based charity professionals and to explore opportunities for collaborations. On 19 August 2021, our spotlight will focus on Thomley’s: ‘Achieve Life Skills Programme’ which focuses on helping young people aged 16-24 years with special educational needs (SEN). The programme aims to develop important independent living skills alongside motor skills to lead a fulfilling and substantially independent lifestyle.

What is Thomley? Thomley is a Bucks-based charity, focused on supporting those with disabilities, throughout their lifetime. Over the years Thomley has developed activities to support disabled people of all ages and with any impairment. Thomley has the skills, experience, and expertise in providing a wide range of active and creative activities/workshops contributing to the development of social and general life skills to enhance the physical/emotional well-being of disabled people throughout their lives. Thomley’s passion lies in providing a seamless service for disabled people throughout their lives.

What will happen at the event? There will be a joint presentation from Ewan Shinton, CEO of Thomley, and Hannah Lett from New Meaning Training; to discuss the programme and its benefits and then there will be time for audience Q&A.

The event will be taking place twice on the 19th of August, there will be a session at 13:00pm and a second session at 17:30pm. Thomley’s aim is to reach out to professionals and parents who may help in recruiting eligible members for the programme.

If I can’t join the event, how can I find out more or contact Thomley’s? You can visit Thomley’s website:

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