How to increase productivity with automation (using Microsoft Office 365 as an example)

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Are you getting the most out of your existing systems? Unlock the power of your existing tech stack with automation.

About this event

Digital technology drives efficiency; but not all organisations are using their existing systems to their best advantage.

In this one hour online workshop, Dan Wright, Founder of Monochrome Consultancy, will discuss how your business or charity can increase productivity simply by harnessing the power of your existing systems. Using Microsoft Office 365 (M365) as our example, we will explore automation. We will cover the key concepts, discuss some live examples, and demo the Power Automate app within the M365 toolset. Dan will also provide links to supporting information if people would like to learn more.

Learning outcomes

In this session, we will cover the following:

  • Why use Automation?
  • What is Automation?
  • When to Automate?
  • How can I benefit from Automation?
  • How can I do Automation using my existing M365 licenses?

About our speaker – Daniel Wright

Dan Wright is the Founder of Monochrome Consultancy; he is an experienced Programme Manager by background, working primarily in the IT, InfoSec/Cyber and Services sectors. Dan specialises in taking your strategic objectives, turning them into clear, well defined programmes and then delivering them in a controlled way.

His passion for successful change led him to found Monochrome Consultancy, a Project, Programme and Portfolio Management Consultancy. Recognising that organisations often struggle with ambiguity and find it difficult to deliver real, measurable change or achieve their objectives; Dan and his team eliminate any ambiguity, create well scoped programmes and then deliver them to achieve the results that the organisation are looking for.

About Monochrome Consultancy

Monochrome Consultancy are experts in delivering reliable, predictable and fast IT and cyber security change. We drive digital transformation, measurable service improvement, dependable IT project delivery and tangible cyber risk reduction for our customers. You will quickly come to trust us as we only make commitments that we will keep. Learn more at:

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