Wycombe Youth Action’s Knife Crime Awareness Event

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We were pleased to be invited to Wycombe Youth Action’s Knife Crime Awareness event at Wycombe Arts Centre. Knife crime is a very real threat in this and many other areas and the Charity felt that it was important to highlight and raise awareness of the very real threats that young people face on a daily basis with knife crime, serious violence, gangs and county lines.

The evening included great videos, amazing speakers and a celebration of the work that they love to do, working with young people. For more information email: info@wycombeyouthaction.co.uk


Countess Howe (Lord Lieutenant), one of the presenters, Arif Hussain (Councillor) & Martin Gallagher (TCF CEO)

Martin Gallagher, CEO, The Clare Foundation 

‘The work of Wycombe Youth Action is both a reminder and significant in that we need to support and prevent the unnecessary pain and suffering of the families go through when someone is either hurt or loses a life because of a knife crime. Hearing several presenters on the evening, highlighted the need for organisations, counsellors, police and key volunteers to be up skilled and knowledgeable of how preventative measures could be implemented. It should be recognised that the charity sector is supportive, but also acknowledge that it needs specialist people to provide that insight and intelligence that will help stem the flow of violent knife crime.’


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