How can I support a charity?

We work closely with businesses to help them develop an effective Corporate Social Responsibility plan. It is important to us that relationships with charities are mutually beneficial. We believe this helps create sustainability. Longer-term relationships have the opportunity to develop mutual trust and understanding.

As we work closely with both businesses and charities, we are in a position to be able to link charities and businesses that have a similar vision and objectives.

Businesses are often also key partners in multi-stakeholder projects that are focussed on solving a particular issue. We are always interested in speaking to businesses who would like to be part of this process.


We have partnered with the only CSR Accreditation programme in the UK. We can support your business or charity through the process of receiving this accreditation. It focuses on four main pillars: environment, workplace, community and philanthropy. We hold regular 2-hour workshops that focus on a particular CSR area. We also run ½ day accreditation training workshops for those thinking about or are currently going through the accreditation process.

CSR Accreditation has been designed to be self-evidenced and doesn’t require the creation of vast amounts of paperwork but rather enables you to gather and use the information already existing in your organisation. Often, organisations find this process a great way to develop their CSR policy as it helps to highlight areas of strength but also areas where work is needed.

We do not charge for our services. Businesses are encouraged to make a donation to our Project Fund where appropriate. This will support a wide variety of charity projects across the county.

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