Warren Koehler

Warren Koehler

Vision work

  • Develop the vision of organisation so it is in line with objects, aims and outcomes.
  • Develop the culture of operational team working with trustees to achieve common understanding/communication of vision.
  • Ensure the focus remains on beneficiaries in creating the vision.


  • Review organisational structure, roles and responsibilities to make sure it is fit for purpose.
  • Make sure services are in line with objects
  • Develop an outcomes/impact culture for services.
  • Understanding cost recovery in the fullest sense for each service provided to know when to say yes and when to say no to funding opportunities.


  • Making a positive transition from being a founder led organisation through creating positive communication processes between operational management and trustees.
  • Using all the above to build a compelling story of the charity to positively engage with funders.
  • Engaging with beneficiaries so they become allies/supporter of the charity.
  • Engaging with funders to build longer term relationships.
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