Alexandra Smith

HR, governance, board/operational relationships, communications and engagement, change and performance management

Alexandra is a highly experienced HR executive with extensive leadership and organisational experience. Over a thirty year career she has advised Boards and Senior Directors of large international corporates on HR and people strategy, leadership, culture and has implemented significant transformation programmes.

Following extensive training, Alexandra practiced for 10 years as an Integrative Trauma Therapist in her own private practice in Marlow. She supported clients in their recovery from PTSD and other Trauma- Related issues that effected their mental wellbeing.

Alexandra has been part of the Philanthropic Community since 2016, providing advice and coaching for leaders in the charity and community sectors on topics including leadership development, governance, board/operational effectiveness, communications and engagement, change and performance management.

She has a strong active interest in promoting education to overcome unconscious bias, and is involved in some working parties. In her spare time, Alexandra enjoys her family, live theatre and the arts.

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