Not-for-profit grant opportunities

Charity Excellence Framework (CEF) have scoured through new Charity Commission registrations since January 2020 for organisations that are now providing grants for the not-for-profit sector. 

These are organisations that many may not yet be aware of and as such should increase chances of acquiring grants through them. 

If you are new or getting started on funders, the funding lists (FL) will give you the basic information and the websites you need to access for each topic area. 

The research list is for those who need more detailed information and who are more experienced at understanding the nuances of grants.

You can narrow down funds via this list but you will have to do further research on their websites to ensure they are most suitable for you. 

Many of the excellent Charity Excellence Framework toolkits are now available as a video for those that are more auditory processors. These can be found here.

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