Social responsibility – the future for business

With Richard Collins, Co-Founder, CSR Accreditation

It is clear that organisations who understand their social responsibilities and explore ways in which CSR can be built into strategy are more likely to reap the rewards of enhanced competitive positions in the future, benefiting not only their shareholders but all stakeholders involved and the society at large.

  • Charities can help businesses build the right culture to achieve powerful results for the future.
  • Consumers, employees, Investors, stakeholders and new recruits will not just expect to deal with responsible companies, they will insist on it.
  • It is not so much what a business can do to help support a charity, it is how can charities help businesses deliver on their social responsibility.
  • This contributes to both financial and social value and delivers positive impacts which will enhance the public good and help to strengthen civil society.

This session will look at the role of social responsibility as we recover and return to a new normal, creating long term corporate partners, defining the ‘C’ in CSR to be more inclusive and that Social Responsibility will be a key driver for the long term sustainable success of business going forward.