Online Charity Leader Forum: Time to press restart?

Join The Clare Foundation for an online Charity Leader Forum, where guest speaker Craig Dearden-Phillips MBE, Founder of Social Club, will discuss how Covid-19 has impacted Civil Society in the UK and why he believes now is the time for CEOs and Boards to take action.

“This is no ‘rainy day’. Let’s not beat about the bush. The third sector is in deep, existential trouble. Incomes for some may drop 30-50% this year. Some household names may not see out the summer. By this time next year, the third sector may not be recognisable next to what it is today.”

About our speaker: Craig Dearden-Phillips MBE, Founder of Social Club

Craig is a Social Entrepreneur & Investor, Writer & Academic & Advocate has spent 25 years establishing social businesses, investing in them and writing about social leadership.

Craig is the Founder of Social Club, a unique business club for leaders who want to grow their impact and are ambitious about social change.

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