COVID-19 Charity Support & Resources

Supporting charities in Buckinghamshire during the COVID-19 crisis

We have been working hard on the creation of a one-stop support site for charities during the COVID-19 crisis. The following pages aim to provide you with everything that you may need to refer to at this time. 

If you have additional resources that you think should be listed, please email

Practical Guidance

This section includes information on:

  • Strategic Guidance
  • Government Advice
  • Needing business support
  • Risk Management
  • Finance
  • Digital
  • Fundraising
  • Supporting Staff
  • Working with Volunteers
  • Health Guidance

Visit our practical guidance page.


This section includes information on:

  • Local Funding
  • Funding search engines
  • TCF Social Investment Loans
  • Government Funding
  • Rothschild Foundation Funding
  • TIps for Funding Applications

Visit our charity funding page.

COVID-19 Bucks Support Hub

We help charities to achieve their ambitions

The Clare Foundation is a charity working collaboratively with other charities to assist them to become more efficient and effective. We provide social investment loans, leadership development and business and strategy assistance to all charitable organisations within Buckinghamshire.
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We help businesses with their CSR

It is important to us that relationships with businesses and charities are mutually beneficial. We believe this helps create sustainability. Longer-term relationships have the opportunity to develop mutual trust and understanding. We will work closely with local businesses to help them develop an effective Corporate Social Responsibility plan.
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We help people become happier

The Clare Foundation provides advice and support for people in Bucks, by working with charities, businesses, local authorities and key stakeholders. This is done through projects and programmes that aim to increase individuals’ self-esteem, well-being, confidence and general happiness.
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