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Workshop and Speaker series for Middle Leaders

These online sessions are designed to support Middle Leaders working in the charity sector. Some sessions are designed specifically to guide leaders during these unprecedented times; other sessions are useful irrespective of our current circumstances.

All sessions are facilitated by experts in their field with vast experiencing working in the Bucks Charity Sector and further afield.

Wednesday 27th May 1-2pm

Workplace wellbeing: Supporting your people 

Sophia Hobbs, Training Service Lead, Buckinghamshire Mind

The course aims to: 

This is part 1 of a 3 part course. You do not have to attend all sessions.

  • Promote positive workplace mental wellbeing, by taking a holistic approach to managing employees
  • Recognise the early signs of stress and distress in the workplace
  • Feel more knowledgeable about mental health conditions in the workplace
  • Help support your team members to develop a Wellbeing Action Plan.
  • Consider how to maintain or regain good mental health and identify strategies to help cope with stress at work.
  • Have simple, inexpensive and practical ways to improve mental wellbeing and employee engagement. 

Wednesday 3rd June 1-2pm

Social responsibility – the future for business 

Richard Collins, Co-Founder, CSR Accreditation

This session will look at the role of social responsibility as we recover and return to a new normal, creating long term corporate partners, defining the ‘C’ in CSR to be more inclusive and that Social Responsibility will be a key driver for the long term sustainable success of business going forward. 

  • Charities can help businesses build the right culture to achieve powerful results for the future. 
  • Consumers, employees, Investors, stakeholders and new recruits will not just expect to deal with responsible companies, they will insist on it.
  • It is not so much what a business can do to help support a charity, it is how can charities help businesses deliver on their social responsibility. 
  • This contributes to both financial and social value and delivers positive impacts which will enhance the public good and help to strengthen civil society.

Wednesday 10th June 1-2pm

Improving our Mental Wellbeing 

Sophia Hobbs, Service Training Lead, Buckinghamshire Mind

This is part 2 of a 3 part course. You do not have to attend all sessions.

The course aims to: 

  • Explore the emotional impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the current challenges to our mental health 
  • Seeks to highlight practical steps we can do to reduce the impact on our mental health 
  • Create plans to combat the physical and behavioural early warning signs of stress and anxiety, grounding and a strengths based approach to building resilience. 
  • Explore the five ways to wellbeing 
  • Have signposting and avenues to explore if further support needed. 

Wednesday 17th June 1-2pm

Building Financial Resilience

Ian McLintock, Founder, Charity Excellence Framework

This session will cover how to increase:

  • Funding – finding and securing emergency funding. 
  • Efficiency – find more income and reduce cost, without cost cutting.
  • Impact & Effectiveness – without more funding. 

Thursday 25th June 1-2pm

Coping Strategies 

Sophia Hobbs, Service Training Lead, Buckinghamshire Mind

This is part 3 of a 3 part course. You do not have to attend all sessions.

The course aims to: 

  • Understand what we mean by the term coping and our responses to stressors.  
  • Consider different coping styles such as maladaptive and active/avoidant. 
  • Recognise ten different types of coping strategy
  • Learn about the coping strategies which can improve mental wellbeing and self-worth. 
  • Create a toolkit of coping strategies for ourselves to refer to.   
  • Have signposting for useful contacts to access support when needed. 

Wednesday 1st July 1-2pm

Charity IT Security

Simon Neal, Founder, Great Oaks IT

The session will cover: 

  • The importance of IT security for your charity
  • Basic Principles to help you Secure your IT
  • Securing the cloud
  • Securing your devices
  • The Human Factor
  • What next? Planning for the future

Wednesday 8th July 6-8pm

Battle of the Charities Pub Quiz

Who will win the pub quiz Battle of the Charities? Which charity has the most general knowledge? Which charity will just nail the music round? 

Come have fun and relax with your work colleagues. 

  • Create a team of no more than 6 from your colleagues (family members allowed). Set up a way of communicating with them – we suggest a WhatsApp Group of Facebook Messenger (something with no audio or it gets very echoey). 
  • Watch live broadcast of questions. 
  • Interact with our quiz masters via chat! 
  • Submit your questions via a Google Doc for each round. 

Win and show the other charities that you are the Charity Pub Quiz Glorious Victors! 

Just one quiz team member needs to book per charity

Previous Sessions

Wednesday 20th May

The K factor – Harnessing the power of Kindness in leadership

Fran Borg-Wheeler, Director, Heart-Centred Leaders

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