Charity Help Advisory Team (CHAT)

Providing specialist support to charities by linking you with accredited advisors

At The Clare Foundation it has been a long-standing and ongoing objective to support charities with quality advice, through experience, expertise and skills not readily available to them. We are pleased to be able to offer a specialist team of advisors who are here to help and provide support across a number of areas including, funding, mentoring, marketing, leadership and much more.

What is the purpose of the CHAT programme?

  • To link charities with pro-bono advisors who are happy to volunteer their time
  • To help charities make meaningful links with experts that help build reciprocity and a better Buckinghamshire society
  • To help charities to acquire the knowledge needed to enable them to be more effective, efficient and sustainable

Meet the CHAT team…

Chris Williams

Chris Williams – Leadership, Governance and Environmental & Climate Change

Andy Hawkes – Health, Safety, Security, Fleet and Ergonomics Specialists

Jenifer Cameron – Change Management & Growth Strategist

Robin Walker – Business Leader, Strategist and Operational Management


Warren Koehler – Mentoring and Coaching of Executives. Strategy and Business Development

Isabel White – Grant Funding, Trusts, Training and Mentoring Advice

Vicky White Charity Marketing Manager

Vicky White – Marketing and Communications specialist

Martin Gallagher – CEO of The Clare Foundation

Helen Mee – Head of Charity Operations at The Clare Foundation

Rebecca Chandler-Wilde – Financial Management and Strategy Development. Governance. Climate Emergency Management

Lynne Gilbert – Charity Advisor, Executive Coach, Mentor and Mediator

Emma Lowndes – Marketing Director and Board Advisor

William Sprigge – Mergers, Governance and Legal Advisor

Alexandra Smith – HR, Governance, Change and Performance Management

Clare Periton

Clare Periton – Organisational change, day to day running of services and funding short falls

How the CHAT programme works…

  • Following a charity need for support a verified advisor is matched
  • The advisor is provided with all the information needed to prepare for your introductory call
  • You and your advisor agree the support to be provided
  • Your advisor will provide up to 4 hours’ pro-bono support a month
  • You will also receive invitations to our networking events and seminars. If you do not want to be on our mailing list, please let us know
  • If you would like to continue receiving support after the pro bono time agreed, you can continue working with the advisor outside of The Clare Foundation at an agreed rate with your advisor

Get in touch

If your charity would like support from one of our advisors, please do not hesitate to contact Martin Gallagher at

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