“Being a CEO is isolating and we all need a sounding board or critical friend from time to time who will listen and talk through the issues. Martin is exactly that critical friend, always supportive but ready to ask the tough questions and get to the heart of the issues. He has helped me to clear my thinking and to develop coherent and effective strategies for addressing the biggest challenges. Martin’s advice is based on sound knowledge and experience and always worth listening to.

Martin developed and facilitated a day for my senior management team which re-focused everyone’s thinking. His expertise in team development was invaluable in helping all to understand the need to breakdown silos and achieve more by being supportive team players. The day was stimulating, challenging, thought provoking, fun and ultimately successful in achieving all objectives. The team has become ever more collaborative and effective since that day.”

Jenifer Cameron, CEO, Action 4 Youth, Buckinghamshire
Action 4 Youth

“As the Chief Executive of Pace, a charity for children with neurodisabilities, life can be challenging and often quite isolating. It can often be hard to find the sort of support that can keep you resilient, focused and delivering at your absolute best. It can be hard to find the critical friend who can walk alongside you and provide a bit of wisdom in the more difficult moments.

Martin and his team at The Clare Foundation are doing a great job at coaching and equipping charity chief executives, in skilling up charities, in funding some important local projects, in facilitating good networking across the sector and ultimately in enabling us all to deliver well for our beneficiaries. Huge thanks to Martin, to his team – and, of course, to Mike Clare himself for making it all possible.”

Ian Sansbury, CEO, PACE Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

“The Clare Foundation and its CEO, Martin Gallagher, has been a great local asset for Oasis, offering support, training and guidance. The training sessions, that I or my managers and staff have attended, are great, very relevant and provide a great opportunity to network with other local organisations. I really like the fact that the sessions provided are local, value for money and often just for half a day. This makes it financially viable to attend and timely as travel time is reduced.

On a personal basis, I have spent a few sessions with Martin in his coaching capacity, which has been great, and a further good local resource, particularly given that it is difficult for a CEO to ‘offload’ and discuss issues with employees. I feel I can contact Martin at any time and if he is not available, he will get back in touch.”

Colin McGregor Paterson, CEO, Oasis Partnership, Buckinghamshire

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